June 30, 2024

Elizabeth Kortright Monroe

June 30, 1768

Elizabeth MonroeElizabeth Kortright Monroe – Born June 30, 1768 (New York City, NY). Died September 23, 1830 (Oak Hill, VA)

White House Years: 1817-1825

 ○    Elizabeth Monroe was first lady when the White House officially reopened in 1818 after it had been burned down by the British during the War of 1812.

 ○      Elizabeth Monroe laid the foundations of the first lady as a diplomat when she negotiated the release of Madame Lafayette from a French prison.

 ○     While she was known for excellent hosting skills, Elizabeth Monroe was ill for most of her time as first lady, which made it difficult to call on different members of the social circle in D.C.

 ○     She changed White House customs to create the formal atmosphere of European courts.


-       “Mrs. Monroe is an elegant, accomplished woman. She possesses a charming mind and dignity of manners,” wrote a journalist on Elizabeth Monroe.

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